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Our Story

Early Beginnings

Founded in August 2017 by Katie Shelby, lotusware, LLC is a brand promoting a lifestyle of mental and physical wellness.  After working in the corporate world for several years and obtaining her Masters in Business Administration, Katie decided to make her entrepreneurial dreams take flight.  While brainstorming business ideas, she made it her mission to build a company benefiting causes close to her heart.  Two came to mind: mental illness and addiction. There is a tremendous opportunity to promote awareness of and recovery from both.  Katie is passionate about these causes, as her life has been significantly impacted by both.  She has seen firsthand the devastating effects these diseases have on the sufferer and those close to him/her.  Fortunately, proper diagnosis and treatment allow for complete recovery and the opportunity to live a normal life once again.  Unfortunately, many others are not so lucky and do not receive proper diagnosis or treatment, resulting in devastating consequences. 

A Company Blooms

And so, the idea for lotusware was born.  This unique brand was created with the purpose of fostering a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  To do so, we offer "design for a healthy mind" in the form of tees designed with intention and personal meaning.  Each one is designed in-house and made from high-quality materials for a soft and fashionable fit.  Our designs are inspired by principles for a healthy lifestyle, whether it be living with balance or setting boundaries...because each and every one of us needs them.

Why Tees?

So, why put these designs on tees, of all things?  As a brand, we strive to help break the stigma of both mental illness and addiction, and endorse recovery for so many psychologically paralyzed by sickness and suffering.  Mental illness and addiction are both diseases, not life choices or character flaws.  Sufferers are by no means bad people, but rather innocent people afflicted with disease, no different than those coping with other life-threatening illnesses.  And how better than to show support for recovery than to broadcast it on a fashionable tee?

Why Lotusware?

The beauty of the lotus flower is in its purity and simplicity, and its meanings come from various cultures.  In ancient Egypt, the lotus was associated with the sun, which disappeared in the night only to reappear in the morning, symbolizing a rebirth.  Buddhists have viewed the lotus as a symbol of purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness.  In Hinduism, the flower denotes beauty, fertility, spirituality, prosperity and eternity.

At lotusware, we believe that the lotus offers many valuable lessons, and epitomizes the message we hope to convey.  The lotus thrives amongst impurities, encouraging those of us in recovery to break free from addiction from within.  The flower is forward-thinking, not looking back in despair but rather using the tools learned as a suit of armor for the present and future.  For emotional sobriety, the lotus tells us to dramatically recreate ourselves, evolving into someone new and reborn.

Our hope is that by displaying images and meanings associated with a healthy lifestyle on our products, we can help those in recovery stay the course and wear their feelings and goals proudly, as well as replacing the stigma of addiction with spirituality, awakening and rebirth.